News Is Good – But Only When You Think It Is


News Is Good – But Only When You Think It Is

It was amazing when the man who was at the center of the news went off to war and never came back. He had been very well liked by his colleagues. But in fact they did not know if he was dead or alive. They were very upset because they could not be with him in their homes. And when word got around that he had left for war, there was a huge fuss in his family circle. The only person who knew that he was gone was his best friend and the wife of the best man, who went off to fight.

There were many other examples in which we have found that news is not all that bad. For example, I have found the news to be very kind. It gave people hope. It was good for people to read. It was also very funny. News stories were also helpful in telling the truth.

So what about the news? News is good. It brings people hope and happiness. In addition to that, it gives people the sense of security. It helps people to live their lives well. It is important to think about how much good news there is in our world. If people only knew what good news there was going on, we would have more peace in our world.