How India’s Supply Chain of Organizations Makes Its Role As a Hub for Exporters

supply chain is basically a network of individuals and entities through which a certain product or service is manufactured and distributed to the end users. The entities in a supply chain comprise manufacturers, distributors, stores, shipping companies, distribution facilities, and retailers. The entire process is a continuous one, since all these entities have a common interest in ensuring that the products are delivered to the final customers and are of high quality.

supply chain

According to the latest survey of the World Economic Forum, India was ranked as the top most manufacturing destination of the world as well as the third largest exporter of some of the best products. This is why Indian exporters are engaged in a massive campaign to gain the respect of their customers and convince them that they need not look any further for manufacturing or exporter services.

However, what many people do not know is that India is a world leader in terms of its exporters and has emerged as a world exporter in every sphere of expertise. With the help of the innovative technologies, organizations have managed to streamline the processes of production and distribution. This has led to the emergence of more effective and efficient organizations. These organizations are more efficient in delivering products to the end users and at a very low cost.

Since the manufacturing industries in India are much more developed and efficient, organizations there have been able to set up a very strong export platform. This has helped them gain the respect of their global clients. The fact that they are very cost effective also has encouraged international companies to set up manufacturing units in India.

With so many organizations engaged in the manufacturing sector, one can say that India is indeed the hub of outsourcing in the world. There is a complete absence of a single Indian organization that does not engage in exporting or manufacturing activities. However, it is important for one to remember that there is no single export industry in India. All the export activities are interrelated and there is almost no single industry that is solely responsible for exporting any particular product.

While one is dealing with an exporter, it is necessary to look at the entire supply chain and try and analyze the entire process of the export activity. India’s export platform is certainly on the rise and this is good news for the Indian exporters and the country’s economy.


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